62 - How to Achieve Your Goals in Alignment with the Moon Cycles with Moonologer, Tracey Rampling Brown

By Kayleigh OKeefe

Welcome to the Kayleigh O’Keefe Show!   Have you ever wondered about the differences between goal setting and manifesting? Certified Moonologer and Moon Manifestation Coach Tracey Rampling Brown explains that goal setting often involves a purely masculine-focused energy and completely ignores the more feminine aspects of alignment, intuition and willingness to change. While manifestation certainly incorporates some of the same aspirational aspects of goal setting, it first and foremost requires the belief that we can achieve and are deserving of the goals we set for ourselves.   Tune into this week’s episode of The Kayleigh O’Keefe Show to learn more about: • What moonology is and who can most benefit from it • Forgiveness and gratitude, the pillars of manifestation • The difference between a spiritual awakening and spiritual bypassing • The transformational power of shadow work • And why manifestation will help you magnetize your soul tribe!   Quotes • “Moonology is really the study of the moon cycles and how we can manifest and harness our own energetics by using the energies of the moon cycle to uplevel our manifestation.” (3:36-3:53) • “Let’s face it – many of us when we start our personal development journeys, we are bootstrapping it until we suddenly realize that we can get help for that. There are people that can make our journey easier because they’ve already done the things that we’re doing.” (20:30-20:46) • “The thing that is really missing from [goal setting] is that the traditional paradigm of goal setting is very masculine energy focused….And that doesn’t really allow for the feminine energies of alignment and intuition and evolution and shifting and changing to come in.” (22:20-23:15) • “You can set as many goals as you want, but if you don’t believe that you can have them, you will not manifest those things or what will happen is you put out those conflicting messages to the universe.” (23:23-23:38) • “When you’re really sitting in those feelings of lack and scarcity and nothing good ever happens to me...you’re actually closing yourself off to seeing the good things around you. So when you start really letting that gratitude in and raising your frequency, you are expanding, you’re becoming expansive, and so many things then start to click into place.” (29:48-30:32) • “When we are 100% fully and authentically in alignment with exactly who we are, the unique people that we attract to us are our soul tribe because we are resonating on the same frequency as them, and we’re attracting them because they accept us fully as we are, and we accept them fully as they are, and there is no expectation of being different than how we turn up.” (56:01-56:28)   Links  Website: www.vibrantcoach.com   Facebook: www.facebook.com/vibrantcoach  Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/empoweredwomenrisetogether  Instagram: www.instagram.com/vibrantcoach  Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/tracey-rampling-brown    Book a moon reading and use the code KAYLEIGH for a 10% discount: https://www.vibrantcoach.com/moonology/    Get published with Soul Excellence Publishing: ​​https://soulexcellencepublishing.com/  Visit Kayleigh's website: https://kayleighokeefe.com/  Schedule an Author Discovery Call: https://calendly.com/kayleigh-okeefe/solo-book-writing-publishing     Podcast production and show notes provided by FIRESIDE Marketing

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