#30: What Makes A Great Production? The Answers To: "How Do I Know If It Sounds Good?" And "What Should I Actually Listen For?"

The Self-Recording Band

Sep 2020

1 hr 2 min

Download the free Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Successful DIY-Recording here: https://theselfrecordingband.com/10stepguideJoin the free "The Self-Recording Band" Facebook community:theselfrecordingband.com/communityThis is probably the most asked question of all. It's also one of the most important ones and, unfortunately, quite difficult to answer. What we consider a "good sound" or "great production" is highly subjective and even if you look at more objective criteria, it takes quite some experience to be able to listen for the right things and make informed decisions. Nevertheless, we sat down and tried to tackle the question in the simplest and most helpful way possible. We took a look at our own favorite productions and analysed what we liked about them and why. We also wrote down what we're typically aiming for when producing or mixing music ourselves, depending on the genre, of course. That said, with "production" we mean the whole thing: Recording, editing, mixing, mastering. So we're looking at the final thing, dissect it and find out what makes it awesome. So that you know what to listen for and where you are standing compared to a great sounding, finished record. No matter where you are in the processThen we made a list of the most important, overall things, explained why these are so important, and threw in some advice on how to achieve those. And finally, we went into the specifics and details that are easier and quicker to apply.Let us know what you love about your favorite songs and productions!For full show notes go to: theselfrecordingband.com/30If you have any questions, feedback, topic ideas or want to suggest a guest, email us at: podcast@theselfrecordingband.com

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