From MBA to Tech: Google Program Manager Hiroki Tanaka // Ross 2020 // Season 2 Episode 2

MBAsians: The Asian MBA Podcast

Mar 16

43 min 14 sec

Hiroki Tanaka, a Ross MBA graduate from 2020, shares his post MBA career experience as a Program Manager at Google. Tune in to learn more about what a data center program manager role is, his responsibilities, and how an MBA can help you to succeed in the role.

 Meet Hiroki!Hiroki Tanaka was borned and raised in Japan. Before Ross, he worked for an infrastructure manufacturing company in supply chain management for over six years in Japan. During his MBA, he interned at Ford and Genial Technology, a AI solution company. He then joined Google as a full-time project manager in 2020, developing strategy to optimize Google data centers’ utilization. In this episode we talk about: Google and Program Manager position overview The working cultural differences between Japan and US How MBA can help you succeed in Program Manager

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