Episode 1, Lost in the ocean with Denisse (Camara con sal)

A Nomad's Way | Travel Podcast

Mar 12

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Hey nomads we are back with our second season of new adventures, travels, and crazy stories, and with this first episode of today, we have an amazing guest with us. She is an ocean enthusiast, environmentalist, hangs out with sharks, and loves to spend most of her time underwater. She started her journey when she was a little kid on the beach of Cancun. The water, its calmness, and the world down beneath always fascinated her and that's what made her choose her profession and her life was never the same.

She'll tell you about the places which are best suited for diving, the misconception related to sharks, and why the ocean has become such a great part of her life. So come with me on this journey to Cancun to discover the depth of the oceans and getting lost in it with my guest Denisse, Camara con sal