Sustainable Fashion with Fair Harbor's Jake and Caroline Danehy

By Morey Creative Studios

Not many people know about Fair Harbor the place. But more and more are becoming aware of its clothing namesake. The location is a special hideaway on a strip of Long Island beach called Fire Island. A place where cars aren’t allowed and everyone packs their gear in little red wagons. It’s where the founders in our story spent summers growing up and what inspired their journey.  Jake Danehy and his younger sister Caroline finish each other’s sentences. Literally. Growing up they shared a passion for the beach and the ocean because of the time they spent with their family at Fair Harbor. Every year they grew increasingly concerned about the amount of plastic that washed up ashore. This would stick with them as they grew older and headed off to college.  Caroline followed her big brother to Colgate University in upstate New York. And it was Colgate that provided the fire power behind their idea to create a sustainable beachwear product line using recycled materials. Through Colgate’s entrepreneur accelerator program the duo got their vision off the ground and they haven’t looked back since.  Like most startups, Caroline and Jake did it all in the beginning. From sourcing and manufacturing to marketing and design, they threw themselves into the business. Jake would get a sorely needed reprieve when Caroline graduated Colgate and was able to dedicate herself full-time to the venture. Today, Fair Harbor, the company, is an established brand that boasts partnerships with well-known retailers, a loyal customer following and growing team all focused on the original vision the siblings developed over many summers at Fair Harbor, the place. -- Show Notes: Fair Harbor If you enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe, share with your friends and rate and review on Apple Podcasts and Podchaser. If you have any questions or suggestions for future guests, send an email to Find Morey Creative Studios on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to our blog here. See for privacy information.

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