Ep 47: Leonard Perlmutter on Unlocking Limitless Wisdom & Creativity

BEING with Patrick Cooke

Oct 8

1 hr 9 min

LEONARD PERLMUTTER (Ram Lev) is the founder and director of the American Meditation Institute and the originator of National Conscience Month. He studied in India under Swami Rama of the Himalayas whose lab studies at the Menninger Institute demonstrated that blood pressure, heart rate and the autonomic nervous system can be voluntarily controlled.

He is the author and editor of Transformation: The Journal of Yoga Science as Holistic Mind/Body Medicine and his most recent book is entitled Your Conscience: The Key to Unlock Limitless Wisdom and Creativity and Solve All of Life's Challenges http://leonardperlmutter.com/ https://americanmeditation.org/ Topics discussed in this episode:

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