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Episode #67: How to Stop the Shame Spiral

By Dr. Caroline Leaf

We have all felt shame and guilt in our lives, and sometimes it feels like it never ends. We feel guilty for feeling guilty, and we feel ashamed to feel shame... We cannot seem to escape the shame spiral. Sound familiar? If you are struggling with shame, guilt, or condemnation then this episode is for you. In this episode I discuss why we feel shame, what it does in our brains and bodies, and how to get out of the shame spiral for good. This is the third episode in my Think Learn Succeed Book Club Podcast Series. To get even more tips and tools to help you improve your mental health be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter: The SWITCH app is coming to iTunes and Google Play early 2019!! For more info on my new app SWITCH go to: get 30% off a year subscription when you pre-order today: About the 2019 Mental Health Initiative: I am making 2019 the year of mental health! Each month I will tackle a specific problem, issue, and concept related to mental ill health. I will be discussing major issues in the current mental health system AND how to find healing for yourself or a loved one. I’m excited to announce that for the February and March Mental Health Initiative we are going to be doing another book club! Over the next eight weeks we will be going through my latest book, Think Learn Succeed! I decided to spread the book over two months because there is just so much to unpack and discuss. Like the January Perfect You book club, there will be weekly YouTube Live sessions that go over the assigned chapters as well as blogs and podcasts related to topics and concepts in Think Learn Succeed. How you understand and use your mind is predictive of how successful you will be. Nothing will work unless you get your mind right first. Think Learn Succeed is all about helping you make that switch to a life well-lived, filled with meaningful success. So how do you join the book club? 1. Get the book! You can order it online from my website and get 20% off with coupon code TLS20: 2. You can also order the book on Amazon or pick it up wherever books are sold: 3. I highly encourage getting the DVD and workbook as this will really help you understand this book so much more, and it makes a great companion to the weekly YouTube sessions! The DVD and workbook are designed for groups or individuals, and are like bible study guides. You can purchase the Think Learn Succeed Study Pack here: 4. You can also get the book on Kindle, and get the audiobook on Amazon's Audible. 5. The YouTube Live Schedule (copy this and keep it somewhere you can see each week!): February 8th 5pm CT: Introduction and Chapters 1 & 2: 13th 7pm CT: Chapters 3 & 4February 22nd 5pm CT: Chapters 5-7February 28th 5pm CT: Chapters 8-10March 8th 5pm CT: Chapters 11-13March 15th 5pm CT: Chapters 14-16March 21st 5pm CT: Chapters 17-18March 29th 5pm CT: Chapters 19-20 *Chapters 21 & 22 are more on the science of my research and work and are optional readings. **Be sure to read the assigned chapters BEFORE the Youtube Live as this will really help you understand the book better. In the YouTube live sessions I give a recap of the assigned chapters for that week, and go into some explanations of the concepts. I also give practical application tips. This is also a great book for students, teachers, and parents of students as it deals a lot with learning, memory, and learning difficulties! For book orders outside the US In Australia you can order from KOORONG: In South Africa you can order from CUM Books: In Canada you can order from INDIGO: In the UK you can order from AMAZON UK: You can also order in the USA from: BARNES AND NOBLE: CHRISTIAN BOOK DISTRIBUTORS:

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