Behind the Scenes of 10 Years as a Nomad: Designing a Life Outside the Matrix

The Wild Awake Podcast

Feb 2020

47 min 48 sec

Episode 9: Today I peel back the layers of what really goes into designing a creative, location-independent life. I share my story of becoming a nomad 10 years ago, the path I carved to create a sustainable nomadic lifestyle, my spiritual entrepreneur journey, and the lessons/tips you can take away to step boldly on the unique path of your heart! We'll dive into:Why I moved abroad, and what I dove into firstThe role of intuition in deepening your journeyThe mindset shift around time and income that put me on an entrepreneurial pathHow a service-focused mindset will catapult your growthHow building a (new kind of) tribe has been key to everythingWhy it's so important to create space to explore who you are15-20 income streams I've used to sustain my lifestyle while growing my businessThe challenges of a nomadic lifestyle...and much more :) If this episode has sparked your inspiration to explore a nomadic lifestyle and you'd love more support to take the next step – send me an email and we can set up a chat! I've love to support you <3

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