Help Make the Accords (Bonus Episode)


Jul 2019

46 min 6 sec

Time Sensitive & Inspirational: Imagine a team of LGBTQ & Ally superheroes of all skin colors, backgrounds, and walks of life, fighting in our present-day society to defend social justice. Now, imagine their superpowers correspond with the chakras.

Done imagining? Great! Get it for real by going to to turn Dr. Tony Ortega's comic book series, The Accords, into a reality. The Accords comic book funding deadline ends July 30th, which just so happens to be my birthday, so thanks in advance for helping make this happen! Reach Tony at, or FB, Insta and Twitter at @drtonyortega Facebook Instagram XO Marisa AKA Captain Heartsong --------- Learn more at and gain access to a free 7-day chakra tune-up when you visit the site!

Podcast Episode