Susan Olesek- The Enneagram Prison Project

By Joel Hubbard, Suzanne York, and Jim Zartman

"The Art of Growth" is an organization that does coaching, corporate training, and this podcast. Check out our work and keep in touch at to find out more about our work and our upcoming online test.Email us thoughts and questions!This episode features Susan Olesek!Susan is the founder of the Enneagram Prison Project and today she explains the mission behind that work as well as what led to it's creation.Bio on Susan: As empathic as she is dedicated, observant, and incisive, Susan cultivates a safe space for people to be human. Born outside of Boston and schooled in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and England, Susan obtained a sociology degree from Occidental College and is certified by two prestigious Enneagram schools: Palmer-Daniels and Riso-Hudson. A favored Enneagram Specialist among corporations, Susan runs workshops across the United States and in her local practice in Northern California, but it was an opportune invitation to a Texas prison that changed the professional and personal trajectory of her life, forever.Inspired by the most moving application she’d ever witnessed of something called, “The Enneagram,” — her favorite human-potential tool, Susan founded the Enneagram Prison Project (EPP). Today, EPP is a burgeoning, paradigm-shifting model of self-awareness education for the incarcerated and is spreading rapidly across the globe.A thought-leader in her field, Susan Olesek is at once visionary and utterly practical in her wholly human application of our capacity to self-assess and grow. In her presence, leaders, individuals and groups — small and very large — opt to take a step towards themselves, because she makes it compelling to do so.When it comes to the work of developing the human potential, Susan Olesek is a catalyzing, trustworthy force.Support the show (

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