The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

By Mischief Media

Look, if they can do it with Haunted Mansion, we can do it with Nonplussed. We’re bridging the gap from spoopy season into winter wonderland with Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas! Join us as we marvel at the filmmaking genius behind this story of a bored white guy at the top of his game who turns to cultural appropriation just to feel alive again. I mean, we see this headline like once a week, right? What’s This?! WandaVision is coming January 15th!:  Honey, I’m Home Alone:   All other research and references completed using Wikipedia, IMDb, and Rotten Tomatoes.   ----- Head to for $20 off after your first box of booze boosters today! -- We’re a part of the Mischief Media podcast network now! To check out their full slate of shows, search for the network name in your podcast app of choice or visit  -- And if you like what you hear and want more, check out the Mischief Media Patreon at! -----   Drop us a line! Email:   Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @nonplussedpod   -- Produced and hosted by Clancy Canto and Josh Wittge in conjunction with Mischief Media.    Edited by Josh Wittge.   Theme Music: "Quirky Dog" by Kevin MacLeod. Check out more tunes at

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