Leading Large-Scale Change with Bill Schaninger

By The Kevin Eikenberry Group

Leaders at all levels understand you achieve success when you manage for both performance and health. But, how to do you change your organization to achieve that success? Kevin is joined by Bill Schaninger, co-author of Beyond Performance 2.0: A Proven Approach to Leading Large Scale Change and a Senior Partner at McKinsey. Bill and his colleagues found that the companies struggling focused on quarterly earnings. To succeed organizations should place equal emphasis on not only making money but how they make it. The change management strategies Bill shares are based on more than 5 million data points drawn from 2,000 companies globally over 15 years. He recognizes that you need people inside to change, so effective change leaders first create a clear and compelling change story. In this episode, Bill talks about 1. How we help people see the change as personal. 2 Organizational health index. 3. How to use these ideas if you are a middle manager or lead a small company? Additional Leadership Resources Book Recommendations: Beyond Performance 2.0: A proven Approach to Leading Large-Scale Change with Scott Keller by Bill Schaninger The Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge by Manuel Lima Improve your leadership in just 13 days with our video series 13 Days to Remarkable Leadership. Related Podcast Episodes: Lessons for Marketing (and Change) Leaders with Thomas Barta. Leading Change Intelligently with Barbara Trautlein. Helping People Change with Melvin Smith.

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