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Ep 8: Calibrating Energy In with Energy Out with Aracelys Roman

By Sora Surya No

Working the energetics of what is creating disruption within ourselves, and therefore reflected in our business, can be tricky. Most of the time it’s not apparent and our beautiful ego gets nervous when we are intentionally placing a spotlight on the thing that our ego does not want us to see. So what happens? Our mind tries to share, using verbal cues to misdirect us - but I see you, brilliant mind, I see you. This is what happened with Aracelys for the first portion of our intuitive business coaching session. Without her realizing it, her energy body was tensing up, feeling unsafe with the possibility that something below her consciousness was going to rise up. So we took some time to settle, creating a safe container, and then watched as she dropped in. The profound magic that occurs is worth wading through the waters with us. It was so beautiful. My heart met hers under the water of the divine feminine and together we swam into illumination. I invite you to listen in on our business healing session. INTUITIVE COACHING SESSION I invite you to listen carefully to this episode. Here are a couple of ways you can listen: Listen as you would listen to any podcasts and notice what questions, hesitations, triggers, or matches you have. Listen as a healer - tracking what I see in her energetic field. Place yourself in Aracelys’ shoes and begin to notice shifts in your energetic field. Just by bearing witness to her healing session you’ll find there are areas within you that also move and shift. 0:36 Meet Aracelys 8:06 Opening with a Prayer 11:31 The First Layer 14:43 Feeling Stuck 18:58 Releasing Guilt 21:29 We go under the surface 29:38 Calibration happens now 33:47 Knowing her next steps Aracelys Roman Aracelys Roman is the founder of Emerge & Bloom and a certified Mindset Coach specialized in Optimism and Resilience for heart-centered women in transitions. Aracelys knows firsthand that every disheartening circumstance offers an opportunity for growth and transformation. Through her holistic coaching programs, she assists others to discover the hidden gifts of transitions. Her work is all about expanding the capacity to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

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