CORONANOMICS 3: Pass or Fail?

By Steve Faktor |

Did we do it? Is it cured? How do we know if our leaders did well? What's a "good" outcome? Here are three measures of “success” for handling the coronavirus pandemic. This 9-part Quarantine Edition of The McFuture podcast explores the economics of the deadly Coronavirus – and how we can avoid the possibly deadlier consequences of its cure – a deep recession, or worse. This series will cover: Opportunity – my inspiration for this series: our last recession – and why I’m optimistic we can positively affect our outcomes. Forbidden Math – calculating the coronavirus death toll and $-value of human life  Pass or Fail? – the three measures of “success” in handling this crisis? Jobpocalypse NOW – impact of coronavirus on jobs and the economy Trillion Dolllar Babies – How is a $2 Trillion rescue package even possible?? Where does that money come from? And what else should we be doing with it RIGHT NOW? Quarantips for Entrepreneurs – strategies, tactics and plenty of examples of ways small businesses, startups and employees can thrive, even in quarantine The Future – what happens in the coming months, years, and decade after? Gouging & Hoarding – for Patreon supporters only (Starting at just $5 a month! Join to support the show & access killer member-only content!) ENEMIES – for Patreon supporters only Patreon supporters get lots of exclusives & pre-release episodes.  If you can’t join right now, be sure to share, subscribe & review the podcast on iTunes or your favorite app.

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