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#370 - March 11, 2018

By 21st Century Democrats

Labor Advocate Celine McNicholas explains how an upcoming decision from the Supreme Court could undermine the power of public unions. Dan Mauer of the Communications Workers of America outlines how trade deals can create jobs and protect workers rights. And Bill Press interviews democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko for the latest on the midterms and how much the Mueller investigation will impact them.   ------------------------------------- Support the Show Had enough of Fox News, the House Freedom Caucus, and Donald Trump? If you want the facts that you won’t get from them or from the fake news sites of the alt-right … then stay tuned! . Our sponsor, 21st Century Democrats, works hard to get everyday Democrats involved in returning our party to its roots... and to success at the ballot box. Sit back and listen, then stand up and fight. And follow 21st Century Democrats on Facebook for all the latest progressive news. We’re glad you can join us. -------------------------------------   Celine McNicholas Celine McNicholas is an expert on labor law and an advocate for workers rights.  She explains how a recent case heard before the Supreme Court could weaken American unions.   Dan Mauer The latest round of talks over the North American Free Trade Agreement took place under the shadow of President Trump’s tariffs and how they will impact the negotiations.  But Dan Mauer says the more important conversation about NAFTA is how it can put workers first.   Adam Parkhomenko Bill Press talks with democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko.   Jim Hightower Hard times (still) in the fields

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