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The TechSavvy Show | Digital Marketing & Personal Branding Podcast

Sep 29

1 min 52 sec

Mr Rahul Chaudhary aka TechSavvy Welcomes you to India's Leading Digital Marketing & Personal Branding Podcast called 'The TechSavvy Show'.In the very first episode of your lovely & fav podcast we will discuss something about the fundamentals of building a successful personal brand using the world of internet. Do you want a FREE shoutout?Just take the screenshot while listening to the show & tag me @realrahulchaudhary on Instagram!!Lots of Love & Respect ~ Rahul Chaudhary_________________________Who is Rahul Chaudhary and Why you should listen to him?Rahul Chaudhary is also known as TechSavvy in the digital world is a Social Media Entrepreneur – Podcaster, Youtuber, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer & Personal Branding Practitioner who deliver consistent value through his social media platforms and through his official branded blogs.He can help you to become a Professional Blogger & your brand to stand out & connect with the audience with emotion using Contextual Content Marketing, Digital Automations & Paid Media Fb/Instagram Ads!He is a 22yrs old Haryanvi pure JAAT Guy! working in the digital world.He did his study in a small village Govt. school up to 5th standard, then he moves to Govt. Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya to complete his 8th and then finally, he shift himself to a private well-reputed school to complete his 12th Standard with Science Non-Medical stream.Now, he is a well-certified engineer from the state university of Haryana (DCRUST Murthal).For him... I think Work Ethics🔥 is Top Notch Priority!!For more info. please visit - https://realrahulchaudhary.com_________________________Connect with me on social platforms:Instagram: Profile: Page: Website:

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