17: Resiliency, Running Safety, and Celebrity Shots

By Lauren Fleshman & Jesse Thomas

Ah, the classic end-of-summer tale where a search crew gets sent out to fetch a boy playing outside past dark with his friends… No, Jude’s not grounded, but Jesse’s surf-wave privileges might be revoked for a bit. After a week of solo parenting while Lauren was on the east coast, perhaps we’ll call it work/play/love balance lesson, reminding everyone that when one well overflows another dries up, and eventually you’ve gotta even ‘em out with some river water...   A new batch of listener questions pulls everything back inline, sparking discussions on: Preparing for your first Ironman/140.6 Dealing with setbacks, in business and athletics Running safety Dream “celebrity shot” stand-in guest hosts Jesse relives his (albeit outlier) experience gearing up for his first crack at the 140.6 distance while Lauren’s birds-eye-view perspective gives some insight to those either currently in or considering tackling the distance. They talk about how setbacks in athletics conditioned the resiliency, determination, and risk-taking muscles needed to shoulder the latest Picky Bars changes, especially with the additional stress of their personal piggy banks footing the bill. Mollie Tibbetts’s memory inspires a chat on running safely without allowing evil to steal the freedom and joy that comes from the sport. Lastly and lightheartedly, four couples are named as Jesse and Lauren’s dream guest hosts… Who are they, and how far fetched of a shot might they be to reality? Only time will tell… Enjoy!

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