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The History of Birth Control

By More Banana

In this week’s episode your favorite guides through vagina land talk alllllll about birth control! We talk about methods, development, some Supreme Court decisions, the social impact and when in the ever living fuck are men going to have reasonable options for birth control outside condoms and vasectomies?03:50: Just in case you don’t believe us, here is the definition from our friends Merriam and Webster.05:10: Okay, so maybe mercury isn’t quite as prevalent in fish as we thought. According to the FDA, nearly all fish and shellfish contain trace amounts of mercury 06:35: This is, quite possibly, one of the best things available on the internet. 09:15: Here is some information on pessaries from The Mayo Clinic. 10:30: Want to know how different this is from abortion right here and now? Listen to our interview with Cait Moldenhaur all about the experience she had having an abortion.12:30: Here is a little more information about Innocent VIII and the witches. 15:00: here is an article from Vice about a guy who has had three vasectomies. 16:30: Graffenburg put a ring in it and you can hear all about it in the intro to our recent episode with Mariah Freya. And then obviously listen to the rest of the episode because Mariah is rad as shit.22:00: Here is a FANTASTIC article from The Guardian all about the NHS, the pill and the Pope.27:30: Article here by Dr. Lisa Campo-Engelstein called “Contraceptive Justice: Why We Need a Male Pill”  27:45: This is the NPR piece.30:30: Here is the Q&A with Dr. Richard Anderson.36:30: Here is a really interesting history on the relationship between hormonal birth control and depression.Contact us! Watch us! Love us!Jessy’s awesome YouTube videos! She’s crushing itWelcome to My Vagina HQRebekah’s blog!Our great producer Cait and all the other awesome projects by morebanana_

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