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Ep 9: The Real, Raw #MUMLIFE with Mrs Maddi Wright

By Coby Stokman

On Todays show sitting on the virtual couch with the one and only Mrs Maddi Wright! You may remember Maddi and her spunky now husband from the 2014 season of House Rules, but since then Maddi has become a house hold name in her own right with over 100K loyal followers over insagram and Facebook with this list continuing to grow as more mums connect with her REAL, RAW and honest voice about parenting and life Maddi speaks from the heart about general shit days, her traumatic birth, how she wished she didn’t breastfeed her second son Marlow and having her husband loyd working shift. It defiantly seems from the outside there is very little Maddi is scared to talk about - and we love it, and obviously so many others do as well.   KEY TAKEAWAYS:   Parenting can be shit and hard and its ok to feel like this! Survival though horrid morning sickness and kids that don’t sleep (and these mixed together!!) Traumatic births….we talk about it all Breast isn’t always best for all…fed is best… Maddi talks about the two biggest struggles she found with parenting…Guilt and Self identity   MADDI’S TOOLS:   Do something for you – even if its going and doing the food shopping alone or going to the gym for 10-20 minutes Affirmations – “this too shall pass” Ask for help – mum, mother in law, friend…reach out especially for those things like washing, folding, cleaning – say yes to it all!   CONNECT    If you haven’t already, go connect with Maddi! Web: Facebook: @mrsmaddiwright Instagram: @mrsmaddiwright YouTube Channel:   DO YOU LOVE THE REAL MUM LIFE PODCAST?   Mama’s, we’re practically already best friends, but I’d love you even more if you would subscribe to The Real Mum Life Podcast on iTunes and give us a review!

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