Post-Horror w/ David Church: Metamorphoses of Fear


Oct 29

36 min 9 sec

«Horror’s long-standing reputation as a popular but culturally denigrated genre has been challenged by a new wave of films mixing arthouse minimalism with established genre conventions», says David Church about this new wave of horrors in his book. How post-horror differs from the usual popcorn frighteners, why folklore and family strife scare us and who came up with new ways to spook — all the answers in our new podcast with David Church.00:53 — What is Post-Horror?4:44 — Making a Distinction6:29 — Divide and Conquer9:44 — How Many Terms Can Dance on The Head of a Genre12:35 — The Catalysts17:58 — Back to the roots20:06 — Time to Classify22:37 — Taking Aims24:30 — Horror Then and Now28:15 — А2430:15 — Become Acquainted33:14 — Great ExpectationsHost: Naya, In Visible editor-in-chiefDavid Church's personal website: https://www.david-church.comMusic: Tim KuligREAD IN VISIBLE:

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