Breaking Free From Your Fears with Rachel Tucker

Women RAWC

Jul 28

41 min 24 sec

Transparency through a place of victory is a powerful thing. We have to share our story; our failings, the things we hold shame to. Why? Because it liberates others and helps us battle the enemy and get rid of our fears. Nancy’s guest, Rachel Tucker, author, speaker, and coach, discusses divine healing and how she has battled through some very difficult life experiences, even being close to death, but how that hasn’t stopped her from letting others in on her vulnerable moments. Jesus is suffering for us, and sometimes, we’re going to have to suffer through some things for his greater glory. This means sharing what we’ve gone through to help others through their difficult times.

In this episode, you will learn: Why transparency through victory is important. () How to become your environment by keeping the right people around you.

Podcast Episode