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Jonathan Goodman Interview, Creator of the PTDC - Becoming the best Online Trainer. Ep#33

By Kate Martin

In this interview with Jonathan Goodman the creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center, we discussed everything from the ethics of being a good coach, to how to spot a fake online coach from decision fatigue and why he wears only one style of Tshirt to how Jonathan built his multiple companies and businesses through his networks and focusing on what he is good at. I did this interview with Jonathan as he is one of the rare ethical online coaches that are out there. For more info on his courses see the links below. Timestamp of discussion; 1min 51sec - Discussing the world’s first Online fitness Coaching program, specifically built for trainers and nutrition coaches. Helping and allowing them to delegate their programming and training to them. 3.28  How many trainers have done the PTDC courses. How the courses have come together and how many people have been involved. 4.55 How Covid-19 has forced trainers to recognize the importance of online training. How it has made trainers work out what they need to do to survive. His thoughts on how the pandemic has broken the fitness industry and why this is a good thing. 6.20 Why he holds himself and his company to the highest standard. 7.04. Discussing the article he is putting together on how easy it is to fabricate what your ‘coaching’ business is like ‘online’ & how easy it is to ‘fake’ being a successful online trainer. Or any kind of coach. 10.30 How does a personal trainer choose what course to do, when they don’t really know what they need. Key pieces of advice on what to look for. 12.33 Business models for online coaches. Pro’s and Con’s. 14.58. Why gyms are broken and why adding an online training component will revolutionize the fitness business. 16.49 - His belief on why algorithms are better at building workout programs than most personal trainers. 19.11 - One of the best trainers in the world is Joe Dosdell and he works at the PTDC. Jon lists the famous people Joe has worked with. What he does at the PTDC & how Joe came to came to work with the PTDC. 23.42 - The philosophy’s Jon follows 'defaulting to trust', & why he wears only 1 style of t-shirt and how there are too many eggs in the supermarket. 34.36 - Example of scaling a business when you think everyone wants to work ONLY with you. The 'fog’ filter, to help realise if what you think is the actual ‘truth’. 39.11 - The TRIAD of online training. The backend of his business and how he has scaled it. 44.00 - Why it’s important to develop yourself so you can build a business. Books and courses he recommends. For all of the details of Jon’s programs and books see the links below; Get his ‘Free Book’ Offer; Get your free copy of ‘The Wealthy Fit Pro's Guide to Online Training’ Paperback Book (Or Audiobook or Ebook) The online trainer academy; Launched and growing since 2013, the Online Trainer Academy, (OTA) is the world’s first educational course for online training for Fitness and Nutrition Professionals. With no deadlines and lifetime access. Join The founding client challenge Just starting out training clients online? This will help you land your first few clients. If you’ve been at it for a while with disappointing results, it gives you a quick boost. Connect with Kate on her website;

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