By Tits and Teeth Podcast

Hi friends. Is COVID-19 making you feel stressed, anxious, unsure of what tomorrow is going to bring? Well guess what! You are not alone because here at Tits and Teeth we feel THE EXACT SAME WAY!  We have decided to do a bit of a different episode today, and why not? We are living in very ‘different’ times. Today you will hear from the lovely Ryan G Hinds, 2nd Vice President of Canadian Actors Equity, who has provided us with a synopsis of the March 17 CAEA meeting, along with other specifics you should know of coming from our union. Jen and Ky also have a conversation with the well spoken and elegant Anthony MacPherson. We discuss questions we still have going forward, coming together as a community, and we open up about our thoughts and feelings we’re experiencing during this time of uncertainty. We are also here to make you smile, so we will round off the episode with a fun story from the gem that is George Krissa. Come hang with us, grab a drink, and let’s all get through this together!

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