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How to Stop Losing Customers

By Tom and Ariana Sylvester

 Prefer just the Audio?  Click here. Episode Brief Description As a business owner, it’s a constant struggle to keep the customers that we worked so hard to get. In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to reduce your churn rate & retain those precious clients Are you looking to create your ideal lifestyle?  Then we invite you to become a #lifestylebuilder. Find out more here. Key Insights & Timestamps [00:11] – Welcome [02:44] – How are you serving your current customers? [05:15] – Onboarding – or the steps people make to become customers [06:35] – Avoiding buyers remorse  Gift after purchase Personal email Phone call Thank you card Anything that will support and delight your customer [08:44] – Offer your customers a walk through of their purchase  [11:55] – Rewards [13:09] – Using automation  [14:25] – Be sure you can actually deliver what you’ve promised. You’d be surprised how often this step is missed [19:15] – Creating fans and lifetime customers  [24:23] – Go and talk with your customers. Even consider reaching out to those who may have left you [27:04] – Action Items  [28:40] – Tom’s Bookshelf Your Homework Ariana’s Homework Ask your current customers – what is one thing I could be doing to serve you better right now? Tom’s Homework Map out your customer journey Tom’s Bookshelf Never Lose A Cusotmer Again Get This Book Audible – Get Your First Audiobook Free! Amazon – Get The Physical or Kindle Version Resources Mentioned Show 53 – Your Customer Journey Show 109 – Automate Before You Delegate Plan With Purpose: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle Lifestyle Builders Mentorship Key Insights Create more than customers, learn how to create fans!  Be sure to deliver what you’ve promised and continue to curate relationships with those customers  Continuing to work hard for your customers will keep them coming back again and again  Free Guides Lifestyle Plan With Purpose Find Your Financial Freedom How to Hire a Coach Free Guides For You The post How to Stop Losing Customers appeared first on Tom & Ariana Sylvester.

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