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140 Kwesi Hankins | The Podcaster's Buffet

By Harry Duran

Kwesi Hankins isn’t just a “Superfan” of Podcast Junkies, he’s a tremendous podcaster in his own right and the founder of Podwabbit, a collection of podcasts that cover such topics as sports, politics, tech news, and much more. You might say that Podwabbit affords its listeners an intimate look at all the different things that are going through Kwesi’s mind. With a podcast to suit every taste, the Podwabbit Network is sure to please even the most discerning of listeners. 04:33 - Where he’s from, where he’s been, and where he calls home now 07:19 - How he discovered Podcast Junkies 10:41 - “Inner-sation” - Kwesi’s first stab at podcasting 14:50 - The origins of Kwesi Wabbit and the Podwabbit Network 17:55 - His background in tech and Podwabbit’s most popular show 19:02 - Sports Chop Block and his other shows on the Podwabbit Network 22:39 - How much time he spends producing the shows on Podwabbit 24:34 - “Perfect is the enemy of done” - being OK with not being perfect 26:22 - Going remote with his portable podcasting gear 30:01 - Podcast Movement 32:43 - His search for the most affordable ear buds 33:44 - His passion for podcasting 36:11 - How he came up with the name for the Pajama Dialogues podcast 37:10 - Working from home 37:48 - My dog, Disco 38:35 - His full-time gig and his podcast, Intentional Grounding 42:46 - Stories from the ER and what he’s learned from those experiences 46:57 - Why his podcast network reminds me of the movie, Inside Out 47:53 - Why he didn’t want to have just one podcast and his idea for another show 50:08 - The Comfortably Numb podcast and his “buffet” of podcasts 52:54 - The Found Podcast and his thoughts on censorship in podcasting 56:10 - iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 58:16 - What he would like to do to attract more people to the podcasting medium 59:28 - The one most misunderstood thing about him 01:00:16 - What he’s changed his mind about recently 01:01:26 - The origin of his name, Kwesi Full Show Notes:

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