Part of the Resistance

The Bridge Church Sermons

Nov 15

41 min 21 sec

There is an empire that is ruling the world. And in case you’ve never been told, there are times when resistance is a good thing. And here’s why: the world is full of things that get in the way of our view of God. In order to receive from God, we need to be willing to resist our false ideas of God. God is not after creating convenience for us, and we need to resist the thought that God is not moved by our need. We are not the owners of God’s resources, as much as we think it depends on us, and we have to resist when we think God has cheated us. But if we let the world speak more into our schedules, our beliefs, our character even… resisting these thoughts will become harder and harder. This week, we have two more challenges for growing resistance: turning our phones off for one hour a week, and fasting from something for an entire day a week. Let’s decrease distraction. Let’s focus on how God provides, again and again. Be a part of the resistance.Support the show (

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