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166 Drew Ackerman - How One Man is Helping People Fall Asleep

By Harry Duran

Drew Ackerman wants to help you fall asleep. Think of him as the Sandman of podcasting except that instead of sprinkling sand in your eyes he’s sprinkling hour long stories in your earbuds with his slow, droning voice so you can get your much needed rest and relaxation. Drew describes his podcast, Sleep with Me, as a bedtime story podcast for grown ups and thanks to his hard work and dedication, he’s been helping insomniacs find the priceless sleep they’ve been craving. After discovering podcasts in 2005, he took the plunge and launched Sleep with Me in 2013, making him the last voice many people hear before they doze off for the night. With a head spinning amount of podcast downloads per month and the perfect sponsor to boot, Sleep with Me is evidence of just how impactful podcasting can be. 03:21 - The importance of podcast conferences for him 05:16 - What people believe he looks like when they hear his voice 06:48 - The first time he discovered podcasts 08:03 - When he first started dabbling with podcasting 09:16 - What he did to learn the craft of podcasting 10:20 - His aha moment when he decided to start his Sleep with Me podcast 13:22 - If he’s always had a creative streak 14:21 - The family dynamic growing up with five siblings 15:39 - Who he thinks is the most surprised at where he’s ended up in life 17:06 - When he realized his podcast was starting to get attention 21:37 - The importance of promoting your content 22:38 - When people outside of the podcasting space started taking notice of his show 26:05 - The nicest pieces of feedback he’s received so far 27:57 - When he started having conversations with sponsors 29:14 - If Casper mattresses (his show’s sponsor) are really comfortable 30:11 - How he landed Casper as a sponsor 31:55 - Other shows that have copied the Sleep with Me model 32:56 - Who he looks to for guidance 36:39 - My experience interviewing Lea Thau 38:15 - The podcasting heroes he’s had a chance to meet 40:12 - His experience at PodCon 41:43 - If podcasting has helped him become less introverted 44:24 - Connecting on a deeper level through podcasting/podcasts 47:25 - The insight he’s gained through Apple’s new podcasting stats 48:40 - The one most misunderstood thing about him 49:18 - Something he’s changed his mind about recently 52:43 - The story behind his Twitter handle   Full Show Notes:

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