If You Could Only Give One Tip About Gut Health, What Would It Be and Why?

Ask The Health Expert

Sep 21

7 min 16 sec

"If you could only give one tip about gut health, what would it be and why?" asks antlerzz_longevity from Instagram. JJ invites Dr. Bill Cole, Functional Medicine Expert and Health Coach, to answer this question. Dr. Cole explains that the health of the gut is largely determined by microbial balance. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria. While he implores us to know that good gut health comes down to more than one tip, he explains that there is one thing you should avoid that causes an imbalance in the gut. Listen in to find out what it is. Get access to Dr. Bill Cole's FREE 42 Day Cellular Cleanse https://drbillcole.mykajabi.com/offers/qiroY2yW

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