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279: Gold Miner: Finding Value in Unexpected Places

By Sean McCabe and Ben Toalson

I want to talk about this concept I call Gold Miner. A gold miner is someone who is always looking for something positive out of every situation. What a lot of people tend to do is they try to find someone who mostly shares gold—this is good, you want to find people who mostly share gold. But what you don't want to do is completely ignore people that you disagree with, who maybe share things you don't like, or have different views than you, or things that you would consider junk. It's easy to pay attention to the people you mostly agree with and who give you things you appreciate. But a lot of people tend to ignore and avoid people they disagree with. Even if there was something good, they don't see it because they throw everything out. A gold miner doesn't care how much they have to dig through. All they care about is finding that one little bit of gold anywhere they can find it. Every situation you encounter, every conversation you have, every book you read—you're looking for that little piece of gold. You're looking for the million-dollar idea. This sounds simple in concept, but most people don't do this. Most people aren't gold miners. Most people are looking for the one little thing they disagree with so they can disqualify the person as a whole.

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