263 | Minimalist Christmas

The Minimalists Podcast

Dec 2020

48 min 3 sec

Joshua and Ryan talk about celebrating the holiday season with purpose and intention with author Meg Nordmann, and they answer the following questions: Why is gift-giving problematic? () What do you think of when you think of the holiday season? () What is the most common question you get about the holiday season? () How do you handle someone who insists on giving gifts? () How do I mentally manage the holiday season when I work in an industry dependent on consumerism? () How do I make the holiday season wholly enjoyable and thrilling for my children without succumbing to the typical holiday trappings? () What is the ‘Four Gift Rule’? () How do we tactfully ask loved ones not to give us gifts, especially those who grew up with gift-giving as a practice to show appreciation for others? () Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podcast Support The Minimalists: minimalists.com/support

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