The Joy of Community - See Us Outside, Episode 3

By Ravel Media

In a shared space amongst Women of Color, there is a unique comfort and freedom, with no need to explain yourself or hold yourself back. The four organizations highlighted on this series are in many ways a testament of the importance of affinity spaces. Their communities, beyond creating opportunities for personal development, leadership, and outdoor skills, reveal the existence of a very special kind of joy. In episode three of See Us Outside, Gabaccia contemplates the power of nature and community in cultivating joy in the outdoors.About the series: This special She Explores miniseries is made in collaboration with The Cairn Project, and made possible by a grant from the Walton Family Foundation.Host Gabaccia Moreno is our guide in exploring the unique relationships girls and young women of color have with the natural world and outdoor recreation. Through the voices and stories of leaders and participants from diverse outdoor organizations doing the work to help young people of color thrive in the outdoors, this four-part audio miniseries will highlight the joy, connection, and community these girls find in nature, as well as the importance of organizations doing the work to expand outdoor opportunities.We want to stress that when we say this series highlights women and girls of color, this is inclusive of all cis and trans women and girls, as well as folks of all gender identities who feel comfortable in spaces that center women. That said, for the most part, when we talk about gender we most often do so in terms of those who are socialized as girls and women in a more heteronormative, binary way.Featured in this episode: Karina Zavala, Alexis Krauss, Marian Perez, Adriana Guerrero, and Cristal Cisneros;  Voice memo included in this episode was submitted by Denise Meeker.Hosted by Gabaccia MorenoProduced by Gabaccia Moreno, Noël Russell, and Gale StraubA Production of Ravel MediaResources:The Cairn ProjectWebsite | Instagram | FacebookOrganizations HighlightedYoung Women Who Crush: Website | InstagramWomen’s Wilderness: Website | Instagram | FacebookBrown Girl Surf: Website | Instagram | FacebookThe Charles Roundtree Bloom Project: Website | InstagramFeatured in this episode:Cristal CisnerosAlexis KraussMarian PerezAdriana GuerreroKarina ZavalaVoice Memos FeaturedDenise Meeker | InstagramHost: Gabaccia MorenoWebsite | InstagramAll Four Episodes of See Us Outside Are Available Now Wherever You Listen to She ExploresThe opening See Us Outside Compilation includes the voices of Marinel De Jesus, Yakuta Poonawalla, Meggy Pyaneeandee, Fernanda Jardim, Arlene, Chi Pham, Denise Meeker and Doreen Wong and includes Spanish, French, Portuguese, Tagalog, Hindi, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and English. Music by Joy Ike & Sita via MusicBedPodcast Art by Susana Castro @susdraws

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