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I’m Nemo Ashong, and I’m afraid....

By Nemo Ashong

I’m Nemo Ashong, and I’m afraid.... I wasn’t sure of what I was afraid of in this particular case (I actually operate through fear most of the time I choose to be visible). This time the fear manifested as a fear to truly play at my next level before I was “ready”. I’ve been building up, researching, analyzing, brainstorming, documenting, strategizing and a lot of other things as a a form of Resistance (ala Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art”). It was in a blind spot - operating me from the shadows, until it was brought to light during a conversation with Coen Tan. He made it clear that if I ever ran into a challenge I did not yet know how to face in business because I was playing at my next level, he had my back and my side to help me create what was needed to rise to the challenge. And a wave of relief rushed over me. Partially because I had someone who I could go to with new challenges. Partially because that was the exact moment that my current fear became visible to me - and once discovered the negative impact, I then had the ability to choose to embrace it as a neutral part of me, then leverage it as an opportunity to share and to serve others, in the future, and then find a way to grow and appreciate the value over time by investing in it. This post and video represents part of that process. Partially because I can now better utilize the existing support that I get through partners, masterminds, coaches, mentors, and communities. But mainly because I feel free again to really go for next level challenges and know that there is a net that will catch me. That net may need to be built in real-time AS I’m falling, but I know how to get that support now for multiple sources. - - - What would change for you if you felt confident that even when you extended yourself beyond your current capabilities, you would be supported? What would you love to take on that you currently are not? Who can can share that vision/desire with that can provide support as you leap forward in your next level?

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