092: Vibration & Music With Bill Protzmann

By Sam IV

For some it is monetary, for others it is joy. it is a feeling of presence within the beauty of what is.  How often do we find ourselves off rhythm? I mean the moments our harmony is complete shit! It happens, don't judge yourself or blame anybody else. Especially if you've recently gone through hardship or maybe just something as simple as not following the diet or workout plan. Whatever it is throw that anger and frustration into something else. I know it's hard because all you want to do is be mad and blame the world, but that isn't healthy. I know because I used to do just that and all it did was further my feelings of negativity. It was like pouring gasoline onto and already raging fire because I didn't care if the whole town burned down. Then after the smoke clears what do you have left? Just hopelessness and wilderness without a safe haven to really feel at ease. That was literally me! The cells within you are vibrating at a much lower rate than that of what you're trying to attract. I've seen pictures of our cells forming into these beautiful shapes as their vibration becomes higher and higher. That's ultimately why you see people with high energy being so upbeat and happy. In turn, the cells in their body mimic the things they are wanting to attract. So inherently they attract it.  My guest this week Mr. Bill Protzmann does just that. He studies these forms of healing and explores them further. 

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