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Episode 151 – Two Brain For Clinics

By Chris Cooper & Greg Strauch

Episode 151 – Two Brain For ClinicsThis week we have a special episode introducing a new service being offered by Two-Brain Business called Two Brain For Clinics. Dr. Brian Strump, a practicing chiropractor joins us to discuss exactly what is Two Brain For Clinics and how this new service can be leveraged along with a CrossFit gym or simply on its own to help chiropractors push their practice to the next level. Brian is the owner of Live Active Charlotte, home of both CrossFit Steele Creek and Premier Health and Rehab Solutions. Brian’s passion for health and fitness led him to Chiropractic School and later to become a certified CrossFit coach. Since diving into the world of CrossFit, Brian has combined these two services together and is doing better than ever. Join us as we discuss these two businesses and much more! Don’t Forget! Find out what stage of entrepreneurship you are in by taking the exclusive Two Brain test here: schedule your free mentoring call by clicking here!  Contact Timeline:1:42 – Introduction to Two-Brain for Clinics3:18 – What are the differences and similarities between a gym and a clinic?5:40 – The unique problems faced by practicing chiropractors9:05 – What is Two-Brain For Clinics13:21 – Marketing for chiropractor clinics14:20 – How it can be helpful for a chiropractor clinic to partner with a local gym19:05 – Ways that a chiropractor can level up their business22:10 – How to contact Brian

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