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Cory Allen: Binaural Beats, Mindfulness, and Consciousness

By David Newell

This week's conversation is with author, binaural-beats creator, and host of the hugely popular Astral Hustle podcast - Cory Allen. Cory first came to fame through his music productions experimenting in binaural beats, an audio technology that entrains your brainwaves into deep theta and delta states to promote deep rest, stress-release, and even psychedelic experiences. Simply put on an audio track and wait for the magic to happen. An avid meditator and mindfulness enthusiast, he has been on a journey of self-exploration for more than 15 years, culminating in his popular meditation courses, his weekly NY-Times recommended podcast, and a new book Now Is The Way which teaches mindfulness techniques. We jumped on the mic to talk about: - How he got into binaural beats - How they play with your consciousness + sometimes have psychedelic effects - What role mindfulness has had and why he teaches it - How psychedelic experiences have informed him about the nature of reality, free-will, consciousness and growth. This is a fascinating conversation for those interested in learning about how tech, music and spirituality can come together quickly and easily in your life. As well as learning more about mindfulness from one of the best teachers out there. Enjoy!

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