Elizabeth Sutton Shows Up To Create Art

Showing Up With Asher Gottesman

Jul 2020

42 min 27 sec

Artist, mom, and entrepreneur Elizabeth Sutton is an artist known for her whimsical, beautiful art, hardware, handbags, and other designs, but her life hasn’t always been butterflies and roses. She’s overcome so much in life, yet she doesn’t consider herself a victim. In this conversation, she talks about growing up Modern Orthodox Jewish, her issues with her father, deciding to divorce her husband and finding out she was pregnant the next day, as well as loss and grief. We also get deep about faith, the importance of God in her life, and why she prays every day. Connect With Elizabeth Sutton http://elizabethsuttoncollection.com/ Connect With Asher Gottesman http://www.ashergottesman.com/ https://www.instagram.com/theasherg/ https://twitter.com/TheAsherG

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