Ep.32: How a Rebel Turned to Own of his Father's Empire

By Sean Si

Who is Juan Carlo Del Rosario? Juan Carlo is the sole heir to one of the most highly acclaimed catering services, which was named after him, Juan Carlo The Caterer. They do weddings, corporate events, debuts, and even kid parties. I personally think that they’re one of the best caterers in terms of décor, taste, selection, price, and service.  How would you measure up to the passion that your parents showed in the business’ 25 years of operation? It was very difficult for JC. In the tutelage of his father, Juan Carlo catered to many celebrities and politicians. His dad became the four-time president and three-time chairman of the Food Catering Association of the Philippines. Every award that can be received by a food caterer, his dad already had. There’s very little that JC can do to surpass that. Because of this, he hated it. JC didn’t want to inherit the business because he wanted to find his own identity.  It’s not easy to inherit a business. As JC said, you can’t force yourself to love it if you’re not into it. He is the caterer’s son that can’t cook. At first, he didn’t want to inherit the business. In his first year of college, JC would tell his dad that he doesn’t want the company just to spite him. He became a rebel and a very heavy smoker.  But in just his second year in college, he realized that what his father built was no laughing matter. JC mentioned this realization can be contributed to many factors, one of the larger ones was when he found God. Since then, many things aligned. JC found his passion for marketing, he became a more mature person, and he found the love of his life. He finally understood how difficult it was to build this brand, and why he should accept it. JC became invigorated with his studies—well most of his subjects. He would pick out the subjects that he found were essential for him as a businessman and bring his 150% there, while he ignored all the rest.  Interestingly enough, this led to him becoming a better, more influential entrepreneur in the future.  Support the show (https://tribe.leadershipstack.com/)

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