The Asian Australian Woman

By Dawn Thomas

This episode we have Jean Sum who discusses her experience as an Asian Australian woman. Jean has an acute understanding of the money conflict that occurs within certain Asian communities. She feels this is from the history of 'lack' and the journey forward is creating abundance in a meaningful way. Is money the only marker of success or is it possible to find a wealthy life by following your purpose and living your values each day. She discusses how the public response to Asian-Hate crimes such as the Atlanta shooting in America that left 6 Asian women dead, communicates broadly how Asians are undervalued within their communities.   Jean is the founder of Sum of Jean, which is a life coaching business and is also a mentor for Asian Australians. She is a prominent voice on diversity and inclusion around the Asian-Australian Woman’s Experience. “How do we approach this history of ‘lack’ and how to create a life of abundance. Abundance in terms of the financial, health, energy, the people you surround yourself with. And how do I share that with the community and the people around me” On the Atlanta Spa Shootings that resulted in the death of 6 Asian American Women: "And what was quite painful as well, that same week was March for Justice and International Women’s Day the week prior. The topic around the spa shooting, really did not generate much media attention. It lasted 24 hours. Myself and a lot of Asian women around the world, felt this to our core” The way we view money is often from a position of ‘lack’: I don’t have enough money to do the things I want to. From a lot of the struggles that previous generations have gone through. That can carry through to us. How do we look at that: Is this my relationship with money or is it passed through from previous generations? Connect to Jean  Linkedin: This podcast contains general advice. It does not take account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider talking to a financial adviser before making a financial decision. Dawn Thomas is a senior financial adviser at Wealthwise Pty Ltd ( ABN 70 104 359 211, AFSL 357 306). She is an authorised representative of Fortnum Private Wealth (ABN 54 139 889 535). Information in this podcast is based on current regulatory requirements and laws as at 1st July 2020, which may be subject to change. Whilst care has been taken in the preparation of this podcast, no liability is accepted by Wealthwise Pty Ltd, Fortnum Private Wealth, its related entities, agents and employees for any loss arising from reliance on this document. Fortnum Private Wealth is registered with the Tax Practitioners Board as a Registered Tax (Financial) Adviser. However your authorised representative may not be a Registered Tax Agent. Consequently, tax considerations are general in nature and do not include an assessment of your overall tax position. You should seek tax advice from a Registered Tax Agent. Any Case studies in this podcast are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent actual returns. Individual circumstances may vary and this will alter the outcome. For any projections that may be outlined in this podcast, whilst every effort has been made to ensure the assumptions on which the projections in this podcast are based are reasonable, the results achieved may differ substantially from these projections. Past performance is no indication of future performance and should be used as a general guide only. Episode analytics All time

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