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The Cost of Becoming a Naturopath with Katelyn Bailey

By Travis Hornsby

Katelyn Bailey is a student at the National University of Natural Medicine studying Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine. She received her undergraduate degree in Bio-Psychology from the University of California, Davis. Katelyn lives in Portland Oregon with her spouse and really enjoys the value a naturopathic doctor can bring to patients. In this episode, she talks about what having a career as a naturopathic doctor would entail and some of the main differences between naturopathy and other careers in the medical field. She's also done a great job limiting loans outside of student loans like her car loans and credit cards. In this episode, you'll find out: How is the typical pay for naturopathic doctors in Oregon? What kind of medication can naturopathic doctors prescribe? When recruiting new students are some institutions overstating what a naturopathic medicine graduate will be potentially making after graduation? What is the 4% rule? Are residencies required for naturopathic students? Is it best to own your own practice after graduating? What type of retirement accounts should I open while still in school? How many accredited naturopathic colleges are there in the US? If she had a chance to start over. What would she do differently? What are two paths Katelyn can take to pay her loans back? For more information, visit the show notes at 

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