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EP120: When Marriage and Money Come Together - with Andrea Robinson

By Chris Peach

Eighteen months ago I brought my wife on the show to talk about how her and I FINALLY got on the same page with money inside our marriage. The episode was one of the most downloaded episodes of all time...and then we were told by the news station she was working for at the time that the show would have to pulled down ASAP. However, she has since retired and now the episode is being relaunched because I know how many of you will be able to relate. The backstory… We had just got married, had great jobs, and a really good income. We felt like we were rich...and we behaved like it. After three years of doing dumb things with money, we eventually went completely broke. We had maxed out credit cards, overdrafted our bank accounts, had zero money saved, and we were literally sitting there at our kitchen table feeling completely hopeless. We didn’t know what to do. I had a plan but then she had a better plan. She made more money that I did but I was the one who handled the money. We went through a ton of ups and downs, but eventually came together and big things started happening. We started saving more money… 
We started paying off more debt… We stopped fighting about money… 
And we did it all together. Still today, one of the questions I get all the time is, “Peach, how did you get your wife on board with your money plan?” Here’s what we are talking about in today’s episode: • What it takes to get on board • The struggles we faced • What she did that changed everything • How much she spends on a dress today vs 6 years ago • Our “entertainment” monthly budget • The most difficult thing she faced when climbing towards financial freedom • What life is like now we are debt free What you will find in this episode is the raw truth: it wasn’t easy. The number one cause of divorce in North America is money fights and money problems. Somehow we managed to stay married through the ups and downs of our finances, but in the end we are stronger than ever both financially and inside our marriage. Money truly does touch every aspect of your life…especially your marriage. All the show notes, links and anything Andrea and I mentioned can be found at

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