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The Live (Not Live) Hostful

By Jackrabbit.FM

In this month’s Q&A hostful episode, Brooke and Ben curse slow Australian internet, lament their inability to do a Facebook live video chat this month, and answer some excellent listener questions, including: - thoughts on homework and after school activities - how they manage to find time for the experiments while also living a slower life - how they cope on those days that are just tough and nothing is going well at all - an insight into their daily rituals and routines - how to merge two households into one when there are vastly different approaches to “stuff” - why Brooke stopped writing on the blog Recording at 5:30PM on a Wednesday obviously isn’t ideal, but in this largely unedited podcast Brooke and Ben do give a pretty authentic view of what it looks like to balance work, family, self-employment, passion projects and slow living, and sometimes, it ain’t pretty! 
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