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Episode 178: Munette, Anally, pt. 3 (2020/10/01)

By David Cooper

In this episode number 178, from the beginning of the introduction I saw a show garbage coming, especially because of the idea of the companion unuash monette. It is strange that the host begins by saying that the interviewee did not bathe, to further say that he wants to have sex with her, come on, what is that? Who can think of it? That leaves much to be desired and makes the host look like ridiculous, adding the fact that he constantly interrupted the interviewee. And what to say about wanting to have sex with your mother, is a total lack of respect for the moral and Christian values of any society that is respected. This show obviously defends and promotes gay culture and all that. The first guy who called looks like a perfect insane when he talks, it shows that listening to the show a lot has severely affected his mind, that went well, I think. To tell the truth the show deserves that kind of audience due to its mediocre content, it doesn't really surprise me, and the host constantly interrupting, come on, it's unforgivable. Finally, I must say that I do not recommend this show at all, first because of the bad experience when listening to it and second because I consider it a waste of time. A boy named Kevin rates this show with 0 stars, well deserved dude.

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