The Big Picture

By Origins Media Haus, Eyal Sivan, Quill Inc.

What could radical transparency do for our financial ecosystem? How do we create a world that is built on fundamental uncertainty, that adapts to our needs rather than determining them for us?  On our fourth episode of Mr. Open Banking, Eyal is joined by Paolo Sironi, Global Research Leader Banking and Financial Markets, IBM Institute for Business Value  and author of “Financial Market Transparency” and “FinTech Innovation”. By the end of this episode, you will understand the driving philosophical forces behind the open banking movement and gain a big picture understanding of what our financial landscape could look like with and without open banking. Specifically, Paolo and Eyal discuss:How to build a system that is better tailored to our behaviour as human beings;How the economy can better withstand the shocks of uncertain times;Why “radical transparency” is vital for our evolving financial ecosystem; The role of fundamental uncertainty in continually volatile environments; The underlying philosophy of open banking as a whole. To learn more about Paolo, check out the following: Website:

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