Rioting in American History

Blackbelt Voices

Jun 2020

48 min 28 sec

As the U.S. begins to slowly reopen the economy and gain some sense of normalcy during a pandemic, we find ourselves in familiar territory – a police officer has killed a Black man, leading to protests in the streets. We are hurting, and we are tired.On this special bonus episode of Blackbelt Voices, we take a look back at America’s long history of racial violence. Professor Brian Mitchell from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock returns to weigh in with a historical perspective on what we’re seeing now and how it compares to history. And what he thinks needs to happen next as a step forward. CONNECT WITH BLACKBELT VOICESFollow @BlackbeltVoices on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Share your thoughts about this episode and all things Black + Southern on social media using the hashtag #BlackbeltVoices.CREDITS AND SPECIAL THANKSEdited and produced by: Katrina Dupins and Prentice Dupins Jr.Music: Prentice Dupins Jr.The Blackbelt Voices podcast is a production of Blackbelt Media LLC. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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