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How to Blow Shit up and Make a Difference

By Louis Grenier | No-Fluff Marketer

My guest this episode is Cindy Gallop, a former advertiser who has worked for brands such as Coca-Cola, Ray-Ban and Polaroid. In 2009 she launched to make real world sex socially acceptable and shareable. If you are dissatisfied with your marketing 9-5 job, or want to transform your business, this is the episode for you. Listen in to learn how to “blue-sky” your dreams and take your work to the next level. Topics Discussed in this Episode: The state of modern advertising “Blue-sky” marketing exercises and changing your mindset Humanizing big data and the importance of diversity Rebalancing the power equation How to productize your business Thinking of your audience as your team Identifying your values and finding your default throwaway descriptor Resources: Cindy Bot on Facebook Cindy on Twitter Cindy on Facebook Cindy on LinkedIn Make Love Not Porn on Twitter Everyone Hates Marketers Free guide from How to stand out: 9 bullshit-free lessons from world-class tech marketers “I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business” - Cindy Gallop “We need to move our focus on making good marketing advertising to making marketing and advertising good.” - Cindy Gallop “Your audience, your consumers must be your team. And by that, I mean your team must be made up of the people to whom you are selling. And the people to whom you are selling are the whole of humanity.” - Cindy Gallop

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