Ep#22 Auto-Industry OEM Spare Part Operations: Key causes for challenges

Counterpoint Podcast

Oct 20

18 min 11 sec

Imagine buying a vehicle and then facing high waiting time for servicing and repairs! Availability of Spares play a major role in the time it takes to get a vehicle out of the service station. Unfortunately, managing inventory of a huge range of spare parts is an Achilles heel for most OEMs. This episode takes a deep dive into the challenges faced by the OEMs and by extension everyone in the supply chain until the customer. We also zero down on the core problem from which all the issues germinate. Tune in! To read more details about how OEMs can manage spare parts availability, read: https://www.vectorconsulting.in/research-publications/auto-auto-components/spare-parts-strategy-for-oems-in-automobile-sector/ Write to us at https://vectorconsulting.in

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