Episode 134 - Les Keep It Real (ft. Natalia Flores)

The DTALKS Podcast - Detoxing from Life

Jul 2020

55 min 39 sec

- What if a Katy Perry ringtone changed your entire day? - What if you triple-checked how you were dressed or who you were with before going out to dinner? - What if you weren't even aware of your own privilege?

In this episode of the podcast Joe talks to good friend and co-host of the popular LGBTQ+ podcast "Les Keep It Real", Natalia Flores! Joe and Natalia talk about the origins of the podcast, part of Natalia's coming out story, and how we can take even small privileges for granted in our daily life. This episode starts a solid run of episodes where Joe really leans into the "Epowering and Educating" aspect of the podcast. Here at The DTALKS Podcast we're committed to making a better world for ourselves and our children. These episodes are the proof. Be sure to go

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