The Final Question S3 E6

By Luca Olias

Every episode of my podcast, Guards of Eden, finishes with one question.That question is "Many years into the future, your time as [insert guest's name] is coming to an end. The person closest to you has only one sentence to describe you and your time here on Earth. What would you hope that would be?".I've found those answers incredibly inspiring and insightful which led for me wanting to share those answers with you. You can find me through my Instagram which is @lucaolias and my website: special thanks goes to the 27 men and women who've been on the podcast up to this point:Adam CromptonAlex MannAnna Codrea RadoAnnie BucklandBan HassBen DavieBridget HuntCaitlin LimmerDave BuonaguidiDomenique FragaleEbonie AllardHaley JusticeHannah ClarkeHannah LewinJessica HomerJo BealeJoe WicksMark WhittleMegan AireyMichael MaiseyMiss MoselyNatalie CostaOllie BainesSarah DaviesSuzie ClarkTrammell LoganTrisha BarkerThe music credit goes to

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