Ep. 13 | "The system isn't working - W/ Professor Mike Cole"

By scoreperpodcast

This week we welcomed Professor Mike Cole from the University of East London in efforts to deconstruct systematic racism from a neo-Marxist perspective—a perspective implicit in the revolutionary rhetoric of the majority of social media posting this past week. As such, in this episode we hope to provide you man with a better conceptual means as to understanding the recent socio-political turmoil. We start by unpacking racism, specifically within the context of the UK, and work towards asking what real political action will lead us to a future society without race? Introduction to Mike Cole - 00:00 News Cycle - 01:00 Skepticism about Marxism - 05:35 What is Race and can it be intimately linked to the class struggle?- 10:24 What is Critical Race Theory and is it analogous in its ineffectiveness to recent social media posting?- 17:55 Tackling racism from a neo-Marxist perspective - 22:31 How do we differ from the US - from a historical and socio-political aspect? - 24:49 What does it mean for Racism to be systemic - 27:30 The failings of the educational system, inside and outside of the classroom - 31:34  What can the younger apathetic generation do? - 39:10 Deconstructing common arguments against BLM - 45:17 What does a future society without race look like? - 50:10 The entire reading list with links will be posted on our Instagram - Scoreperpodcast Mike's email for anyone who would like further reading materials and to ask some more questions on these issues.  mike.cole2@ntlworld.com Post edit amendments/notes: -05:00- Bristol bus strike was more so a boycott and the memorial was something in talks; not concrete (The colour bar was a discriminatory hiring practice against blacks and minorities) - 13:32 - Anti-asian racism falls within the category of old-color-coded racism - 33:03 - page number is 122 not 22.  - 45:54  - the UK Criminal justice system was described as a white supremacist, this was supposed to be in the context of the US criminal justice system.  Big Thank You To Mike Cole 

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