A Few Big Leaps: Becky Marcelliano

She Explores

Jul 2019

44 min 11 sec

Becky Marcelliano shares how she pivoted from working as an art teacher to working her way up to be a marketing manager a marketing manager in the outdoor industry (first Deuter, then Salomon). Her interview is full of tips for breaking into a new industry, but it’s also about her openness in the face of big life changes, living with chronic illness, and an omnipresent passion for lifting women up. Woman featured in this episode: Becky Marcelliano Hosted by Gale Straub Made with support by Aunt Fannie's, Benchmark Maps, Hamama, and ThirdLove Join the She Explores Podcast community on Facebook. Visit She-Explores.com In this episode, you'll hear

Becky's transition from art teacher to marketing manager in the outdoor industry The benefits of dabbling in your interests outside of your current career Advice for making a big career leap What it's like working a desk job in a big outdoor company The stigma of grappling with a mystery illness What Becky's chronic illnesses have taught her about her health Why Becky is passionate about lifting up other women in her work and outdoor life

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